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Linguine with pesto, green beans and potatoes

The intense fragrance of pesto  takes  us  to the sea , in Genoa′s caruggi  where the recipe is born in the 19th century.   Liguria is a region where lots of basil is cultivated and pesto made by using this type of basil tastes better.

The sea′s breeze and the soil make this basil richer  in essential oils  than other  types.

I propose you the recipe with green beans and potatoes. If you can, i suggest you to make pesto in the marble mortar as the tradition wants, being careful to mix  the ingredients quickly  to avoid their oxidation in particular that of the basil. Otherwise you can use the mixer or the minipimer.

For your Pesto

70 gr ligurian basil DOP

150 gr EVO from ligurian olives

60 gr Reggiano parmesan

30 gr  Pecorino Romano

15 gr pine nuts

1 coarsed salt pinch

1 garlic clove


Put all the ingredients except the garlic  in the mixer or in the mortar and make your pesto . In  the meantime  make the water boiling  to cook your pasta.when the pesto is ready  add the garlic for the fragrance. Then you will put it away, so who doesn′t digest it , will be able to taste your recipe too.

For Linguine ( 4 people)

300 gr  Linguine Garofalo

2 medium potatoes

50 gr green beans

Peel and trim the green beans by cutting them in half. Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes. When the water boils, add salt and throw away the vegetables. After 2 minutes throw the pasta that will cook with them.
Keep aside some cooking water that will serve to dilute the pesto and make sure that the pasta does not “stick”.
Drain pasta and vegetables in a bowl where you have already diluted the pesto and mix to amalgamate.

Garnish with a basil leaf and a turn of oil.

Recommended track  during the reading : “Genova per noi ” Paolo Conte