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Eggplant Parmigiana

You can’t say no to Eggplant Parmigiana .  You can fry or grill  the eggplant. If you fry them the final result will be more interesting.

Even today  the origins of this recipe are discussed. Someone says it  comes from Naples , someone from Sicily  and someone Parma. In the end  we don′t worry about it because we are happy to say that eggplant parmigiana is a recipe loved in the world.

As always i recommend you to use  first quality  and fresh products   whose origin is Italian and certified. Eat less but eat better i will always tell you.

This recipe is for  one oven pan Parmigiana but i love preparing the  single-serve. The method  is the same  you have to cut the aubergines with the dough cutter and use it to make  the single-serve and then cook it

. Ingredients  (four people)

— 800 g of eggplants as you like ( rounded and light purple skin or long and dark  purple skin

— 800  g of tomato sauce or  blended peeled  tomatoes

— 400 gr mozzarella cheese  (buffalo or cow) caciocavallo or another  similar cheese.

— 50 g of grated parmesan

— one small onion

— some basil leaves

— extra virgin olive oil

— salt

— black pepper

— peanut oil to fry


slice the eggplants  in  half a cm or slightly more sprinkle  on  them  rock salt and put  them in a layered colander  cover with a dish on which you put  a weight.

Let drain the eggplants′s water for about  an hour , then rinse and dry them . Fry in peanut oil , salt them and put them  on kitchen roll sheets to lose their  excess oil.

Prepare the sauce : chop the onion , brown  the slice of garlic that you′ll remove  later in a pan with tree or four spoons of extravirgin olive oil  add the tomato sauce or the peeled tomatoes, the salt and cook for about 20 minutes without lid on a low-medium heat

Add some salt and some  chopped basil leaves.

Cut the cheese into cubes (if you use mozzarella let it drain on an inclined dish for half an hour).

Grease a  baking tray ,  put a layer of sauce , the none of eggplants  and one of mozzarella , salt slightly repeat the other layer sanding with one of mozzarella  sprinkling some  grated parmesan.

Put in the oven  at 190°C for about half an hour and serve hot.