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Mascara. What to use and why.

When you’re 50 it’s practically obligatory to make up for going out if you want to look nice and avoid the “fish eye” effect. And mascara is very important. I’ll tell you which ones I chose and why.

Wearing make-up after the age of 50 is essential. Due to natural ageing and hormonal changes, the skin has discolourations which I personally remedy by using a Korean BB cream.
The eyes need to be more incisive without being heavy, because using too much eye shadow on eyelids which are no springy as they were at 30 risks creating a clown effect.
Mascara is our most important accessory girls and this is why it must be chosen carefully.

The market offers an incredible number of proposals, expensive or not. Over the years I have tried a number of them and then I realised that the choice has to be made on the basis of one’s own needs and that’s all.

What do I want from a mascara?

1- That it doesn’t irritate my eyes.
2- That it “sticks” and curls my lashes without having a “Doll” effect. How horrible!
3- That it can be fixed all day long but that it comes off easily when I take my make-up off.

I’ve tried and tried, spent a little and/or a lot of money, I got so pissed off when after three hours I had practically nothing on my lashes, when mascara was everywhere but not where it was supposed to be. In short, after various experiments I’ve reached an awareness: mascara, unless you’re a guru like Clio MakeUp, you have to know it, you have to read its reviews on the internet, try some and then choose your best friend forever.

Colossal Curl Bounce by Maybelline

Not necessarily the most expensive ones are the best. For example, the mascara with more than 50 million views on TikTok is the new Colossal Curl Bounce by Maybelline, the most reviewed mascara ever on social networks, which sold out in a few days. As soon as I find it, I’ll try it out and let you know!

Two mascaras that are different in terms of price and effect are part of my routine: Victoria Beckam Beauty’s Future Lash Mascara (https://www.victoriabeckhambeauty.com), which costs around €30 and can only be found on the Spice Girl’s website or in her flagship shops, and then Bourjois’ Glamour Push Up Volume Mascara (ultra black edition).

Victoria Beckam Beauty’s Future Lash Mascara

The first, Victoria’s, with vegetable-based polymers, for ultra-black and defined but natural lashes, is designed to care for the lashes without any harmful chemical elements and, despite being designed to be ultra-resistant to sweat and humidity, its greatest advantage is its ease of removal. To remove mascara at the end of the day, simply wash your face with warm water and it disappears in seconds.
We are talking about the Ferrari of mascaras! Effect: as if you had very thick, defined and black natural lashes.

Bourjois’ Glamour Push Up Volume Mascara (ultra black edition)

Bourjoi’s mascara curls and thickens the lashes in a crazy way. It does not contain parabens and is ideal for sensitive eyes and does not weigh down. Intense colour and excellent durability throughout the day. Quick removal with wipes. and costs less than 10€.

Just let me know, girls!

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