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Spaghetti with lemon and botarga

This is my special version of spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli, fragrant and delicious.

Garlic & Oil, a must in Italian cuisine. It is a simple recipe, but you have to be careful if you want to get all the scents. I have enriched it with the final touch of grated botargo and lemon zest.

Let me explain.

Ingredients for 4 persons

350 g Rummo Spaghetti n5
3/4 cloves of garlic
evo oil to taste
chilli pepper to taste
tuna or mullet roe
1 untreated lemon
coarse sea salt to taste


1- Boil a pot of water to which you will add a handful of coarse salt
2- Put about 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and the peeled garlic cloves in a large frying pan
3- Keep the flame very low so that they do not burn but release all their flavour
4- Cook the pasta for half its ideal cooking time (in the case of this spaghetti, about 6 minutes)
5- Add the chilli pepper to the pan with the oil and garlic
6- Scalate la pasta con un pinza e mettetela nella padella con il condimento.Alzate la fiamma, aggiungete un pò di acqua della cottura e continuate a mscolare per far uscire tutti gli amidi
7- Scald the pasta with a tongs and put it in the pan with the sauce, turn up the heat, add some cooking water and continue stirring to release all the starch. Add cooking water until the pasta is cooked (about 6 minutes). 
8- Remove from the heat and sprinkle with the roe and lemon peel
9- Chop the parsley with a knife and sprinkle it over your spaghetti
10- Serve, using tongs and a ladle, chef style, to form a nest of spaghetti on the plate. Very chic.

Can you smell all the aromas coming through?
Thank you. Love you.

Recommended track: “That’s amore” Dean Martin