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Chinese restaurants in Milan. My top 5

I like a lot chinese food. It′s one of my favourites . If you know where to go, you′ll find a tasty and light cooking  avoiding  awful fried food or that only tastes soy .

Milan offers different choices  from the cheapest to the most expensive.  Nowadays chinese food doesn′t mean low cost and low quality.

 We can stop  eating shrimp crackers and frozen spring rolls  thanks to new recipes that some years ago  didn′t exist in Italy . i′ve been  to all the restaurants  you ′ll find in my top 5. Trust me. I write about places and things i like, I don′t want to mock  anyone.

Lon Fon

A restaurant managed by wonderful people, unfortunately the granmother is dead  passed down to Rita and her grandsons the flawless art of cooking . Dumplings represent the speciality, made by the girls, after lunch on a table of the restaurant.  I love the spicy crispy  rooster  and  the peking duck.  Everything  is perfect and  peaceful. Prices about 30€  excluded  drinks

Rita and her sons

Via Lazzaretto 10     02.29405153

Dim Sum

 In chinese dim sum means : delicious bites made to touch the heart, eaten by the travellers on the silk road it′s what you will find in this very elegant restaurant .  A wide selection of  meals: dumplings,spring rolls , meatballs,  and others like fish, chicken  soups or vegetables. A CLASSY LIST OF WINES. PRICE ABOUT 50€  EXCLUDED DRINKS

Via Pisacane angolo Nino Bixio 02.29522821  www.dimsummilano.com

Wang Jiao

I often go to this place. It has 4 different location and my fav is  Via Casati.   Via Casati. Fire bolws represente the speciality,  wooks which are always hot thanks to  a stove. Variations of squids, spicy chicken and so on . I love meat stuffed aubergines  and the  stir-fried rice is  wonderful. The place is attended by young supercool chineses and by  all the fashion-system of the place . Price about 20€ excluded drinks

Via Padova 3

Viale Col di Lana 14

Via Felice Casati 7

Via Paolo Lomazzo 16


fire bowl with spicy squids

Bon Wei

To describe this restaurant there is only one word : beautiful.  Red is the main colour of The style and the design of this  classy chinese restaurant  . everything is light but tasty. A breathtaking sweet and spicy soup ,a ginger stir-fried lobster   and  all the meals about 100 on the list from Cantonese cooking and others too . price about 40/50 € excluded drinks

Bon Wei interiors

Via Castelvetro 16-18   www.bon-wei.it


Liu family  is the most visionary in milan′s restaurants business. after Be Asian Mood and Yio, the family has inaugurated a restaurant whose name comes from the presence of the big gongs in the room. Illuminated in the evening they give to to the restaurant an unique atmosphere. The restaurant offers a  modern chinese cooking is by a japanese chef, who make very light dishes. This restauranti s not properly chinese but it′s worthy to be tried. Price about 40/60 excluded drinks.

Corso Concordia 8 02.76023873   www.gongmilano.it