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Buddha Bowls. What, How, Why.

Buddha bowls are the food of the moment. Their history goes back to the Buddhist monks. They are easy to make, beautiful to look and above all very healthy.

They  are called Buddha Bowls because they are inspired by  the ritual of the Buddhists monks when they knocked house to house with an empty bowl in  their  hands that the believers filled with offers of food, flowers and incenses. In the  Buddhist religion offering  food and objects for the rituals is very important  as we can see in this new culinary trend with the attention and the care of the oriental culture for the food. In this recipe  we find the perfect  balance  between taste and lightness and all the ingredients make it a full  meal. But there are some steps to follow which are the same for vegetarian  and non-vegetarian bowls.

The steps to make  perfect Buddha Bowl

1 The bowl must be composed of 70% vegetables,  better if they are raw or scalded, 15%  cereals (quinoa, rice , barley, spelt and so on) and the remaining 15%  must be a vegetable protein, like tofu and tempeh, chickpeas, lentils and beans or animal protein as chicken, salmon, eggs, tuna etc.

2  The ingredients mustn’t be mixed during the preparation, you must put them according to an aesthetic parameter. when you are ready to eat you will mix them . Buddha Bowls are above all  food for your sight.

3 Use only seasonal  ingredients. Don′t use frozen food or canned vegetables. Buddha Bowl gives you all  the nutrients for your health but you must use fresh ingredients and a lot of super food

4 Create your Buddha Bowl following the first three steps  and  choosing the ingredients. I use a lot the roots like : Daikon, Water Melon radish, and then  seeds, buds. A  handful of cereals, a handful of proteins and your Bowl is ready to give you an immense pleasure

Recommended track :  Tina Turner “Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu”