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Ettore Spalletti in Monte-Carlo

 In Villa Paloma, one of the  NOUVEAU MUSÉE NATIONAL DE MONACO′s location, you can enjoy  the wonderful exhibition by Ettore Spalletti .

Villa Paloma entrance

Monte-Carlo is an open-air gallery  because you can find  artworks everywhere, in the gardens , in the streets…Then there is the  Nouveau Musèe National de Monaco, NMNM,  that with its locations , Villa Paloma and  Villa Sauber, offers international artworks

Ettore Spalletti filled  with pure poetry  Villa Paloma′s rooms with the exhibition works “Ombre d’azur, transparence”. 

This exhibition has been thought as he says for those spaces where it seems that the sea goes  in your house.

29 works, some of these have been created for the space , lighted up by a neon light whic gives them  an air of eternal lightness.  It′s been a long time since i  have been so moved by seeing an artwork. As he says in the documentary that   I recommend to watch during the visit ,  i don′t want to explain his works, because art can′t be explained or  classified. Art means pure emotion.

So organize your weekend in Monte-Carlo for visit this exhibition. Let your eyes and your heart  will get lost   in the  absolute beauty. And when you leave the exhibition enjoy  the view  of  the two Monaco ports and of the Fortress.

Monte-Carlo is always a good idea!

Until  3  November  2019




Images  courtesy Artribune. All rights reserved

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