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Praise of the whole called Ferragni

After having read the article “Praise of nothingness” in Il Giornale…my hands are itching.

Chiara Ferragni is a young woman of 32, she could be my daughter and if she was, I would be very proud of her. But I am proud of her anyway. I have been listening to “bullshit” about her for years, mostly uttered by people my age, i.e. 50 years old. How sad! 50 years old, unable to accept the success of others, the modernity of others and the changing times, ways and professions.

Here is a list of some of the bullshit that so-called 50-year-old fashion entrepreneurs have uttered in my presence: “Her story with Fedez? A strategy studied at the table.” Yes, because: He’s either gay, she’s finished and needs him to get back on the runway, or he doesn’t have anybody following him anymore and he needs the “minkia girls” who follow her to get more popularity…and I could go on… “Nadia I can guarantee you that’s the way it is, you know I’ve been working in the sector for 30 years, they’re sure rumours…or: “Chiara Ferragni is destined to disappear, she doesn’t know how to do anything, in 3 years we won’t hear about her anymore (this in 2015!)

This article compares, in a stupidly ironic way, ChairaFerragni to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates… It would be like comparing Raffaella Carrà to Rita Levi Montalcini. But even in this case only an idiot would denigrate Raffaella Carrà. Smarter people would understand that Carrà and Montalcini both have different professions, different approaches and methods in different fields, changed history, our lives and our aspirations.

I Ferragnez

I find it stupid to value a person only if she/he practices activities which are considered “important” by some and mock those who practice others which are considered less noble. Chiara Ferragni employs 80 people, all paid by her, and also gives work to the brands she sponsors because it increases their turnover and consequently the workforce needed to expand.
Chiara Ferragni, like Raffaella Carrà, is an example of women entrepreneurs who have used their brains, sacrifices, vision and great kindness to reach the top of the Olympus of influential women.

This article continues ironically on the documentary “Chiara Ferragni Unposted“. and on her ” non-work”. Ah yes, digital entrepreneur is an unknown word, as scary as Steve Jobs’ “non-work” was at the time.
And then he continues on the model of emancipation that Chiara would be for today’s girls, always ironically of course. Frankly, I am happy that for today’s girls the model of reference is a digital entrepreneur like Chiara Ferragni rather than, as was the case in the 90s, a soubrette who married a footballer.

I Ferragnez

Chiara Ferragni has changed the way she communicates, emotions, products, lifestyles.
Chiara Ferragni has been able to build an empire that today is worth 36.2 million euros (the famous nothing).
Chiara Ferragni is a happy, resolute woman who has married a boy who is just as good, giving birth together with him to a family that millions of people love and follow.
Chiara Ferragni is extraordinary and I think, frankly, she doesn’t give a damn about the mediocre 50-year-olds who continue to massacre her on and off the web.

As far as Raffaella Carrà is concerned, I’ll leave you to Wikipedia, in case it wasn’t clear to you her value as a woman entrepreneur, and she didn’t have Intagram or Facebook the girl.

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Immages Courtesy Chiara Ferragni. All rights reserved.

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