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Dry January. What it is, how it works and what benefits it brings to your health.

After the Christmas holidays, in the new year we all want to “clean up”. For some time now there has been a lot of talk about “Dry January”. Now I’ll explain what it is and why everyone should do it.

Dry January, or in other words 30 days without alcohol. You will say it is difficult. No, if we really want to do something good for our body, mind and vitality. And, given the period of contagions from Omicron and quarantine, it may be easier than you think.
You can’t deny the pleasure that drinking an aperitif gives us: Spritz, wine, cocktails, after a day of work. But we also cannot deny that that pleasure hurts us, especially if we do not limit ourselves to one glass. And let’s be honest: how many have we had during the holidays?!

Dry January serves to purify our bodies of an infinite amount of toxins. But for this to happen it takes, at the very least, 15 days. If we abstain for 30 we will be as good as new, this is guaranteed by numerous studies carried out all over the world.

What happens to our bodies when we eliminate alcohol?

Several studies show that after 15 days, the brain begins to be much more alert and responsive. But you don’t necessarily have to wait two weeks. The first benefits of Dry January begin to be seen in the first 24-72 hours “Already after 24 hours the mind begins to adjust to the new absence, especially the sugary one. After 72 hours the brain gets “stabilized”, getting used to it and decreasing the desire towards wine and the like. It is at this moment the mind starts “waking up”. You will be more reactive, and surely in a better mood.

The whole organism reacts positively to the absence of alcohol. After a week the first benefits begin to be seen even on the skin. Constant use of alcohol and super alcohol causes dull skin, red, puffy eyes and dark circles. The detox phase leads to an epidermal rebirth. In fact, the skin begins to re-hydrate, becoming brighter, with fewer wrinkles, no rashes and a more even complexion. A fairy tale!

But the biggest favor you’ll do is to your liver, which will start to eliminate all the toxins and regenerate itself with important consequences on the functionality of the intestine (our second brain) and on the quality of sleep. You’ll get super sleep and wake up feeling fresh as a daisy! If you combine alcohol abstinence with a diet rich in detox seasonal fruits and vegetables such as: artichokes, kale, chicory, leeks, and red fruits a go-go, and some healthy physical exercise, in February you will sparkle because in addition to having fabulous skin, hair and mood you will definitely lose those extra pounds that you do not like.

Happy Dry January to all of you!

Thank you. I love you.

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