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 I attended  Gualtiero Marchesi  Academy ,  where excellence and  simplicity  are combined as one thing. This is Marchesi ′s version of risotto milanese.


320g  Carnaroli Rice( I prefer  Carnaroli  by Riserva San Massimo)

80g butter

15g chopped onion

100ml white wine

½ g  saffron stigmas

1 dl light stock ( to make it use : carrots , celery, onion and some hen pieces)

30g grated parmesan

4 edible gold leaf sheets 24K


Make the sour butter , a creation by Marchesi  to cream the risotto; sweat the chopped onion with 10gr butter,  add the white wine  and halve , take off the heat  and emulsify with   50g  butter at room temperature  . Filter through a  small colander and   make cool.

Toast the rice in a large pot , better in a frying pan for about 2 minutes.  If you have non-stick pans you don′t have to add  the  remaining 20 gr butter , as the chef prefers. Add several times the hot stock  ( the rice temperature must be the same !!!). You can  use the stock cubes  for example Star , they′re excellent. In this case use  mixed meats stock cube . if you have the time , make a stock with a piece of chicken  ,   a piece of beef  and vegetables  with a little bit of  coarse salt.

 After 18 minutes add  the saffron stigmas and salt  as required.

With the heat off cream with tha butter you have prepared  beforeand the parmesan.  Let it rest and  and plate it  and remember that the risotto must be wavy   it  must move if you swing the plate .It must be extended  and not a sticky pyramid . Put on each serve the edible gold leaf .

edible Gold