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5 tips for the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas decorations are serious business! 5 tips for the perfect atmosphere.

We’ re almost there. Christmas is less than a month away and, after two years of pandemic, we hope to be able to celebrate it with all the people we love. Let there be magic!

After two years of being separated from our loved ones because of the pandemic, we all want to celebrate a sparkling and joyful Christmas as usual.

If you want to create the perfect atmosphere, follow these rules and the wow, but elegant, effect will be assured.

1- Choose white lights for the tree, with warm light. Avoid coloured ones if you don’t want to get the “shopping centre” effect.

2- Choose dominant colours for your decorations: gold red and green, silver and pink, etc… so that everything looks more harmonious.

3- If you have a fireplace, decorate it! Synthetic pine garlands are perfect.

4- The front door should not be forgotten. Plastic signs with bells should not be used, they look so rotisserie!

5- Light up terraces, gardens and balconies with warm white light.

If you want to share your decorations with me, tag me @nadiagiani on instagram. The best decoration will be rewarded with a beautiful gift from my shop.

Il vincitore saThe winner will be announced on my instagram page on 6th January 2022.

Thank you. I love you

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